About Leann Scarlett

Mortgage Specialist in Red Deer, AB

We hope that this site is will become a useful tool as you search for a mortgage broker in Central Alberta. When it comes to your mortgage, we can offer you great rates as well as sound, unbiased advice to create a strategy to help you and your wallet weather any storm. Contact us and we will gladly sit down and discuss the best mortgage with the best rate perfect for you!

Leann works hard to earn your business - today, tomorrow, always. She belongs to many organizations and donates to many charities such as: The Rotary Club of Red Deer, the Leads Executive Association, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce.

My career in the financial services spans over 30 years in which I gained significant experience as a residential mortgage specialist. During my career as a lender I was able to build a large customer following. My customers followed me throughout my career in large part because I not only got results; I cared about building a strong relationship based upon personal service, trust, and integrity.

When you utilize my services you have access to my significant expertise and my commitment to achieving results! I will take care of the "details" involved in researching, negotiating, and obtaining approval on your behalf, present you with the offer best suited to your needs, while making your experience educational and rewarding.

I work hard to earn your business, today, tomorrow and always.

To find out more about what I can do for you, contact me directly for the best rate of the day.
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