Bower Ponds – Your Family’s Perfect Choice


Are you planning to throw a party or any event with your family? Then, you shouldn’t miss Bower Ponds in Red Deer. From canoeing and water balls to board games and ice skating, you will definitely enjoy all of these wide and fun, exciting activities.

Bower Ponds is not just a place for family gatherings and events. It is also perfect for everyone who wishes to experience amazing fun activities. What are the best things about Bower Ponds? Simply put, this place offers the following:

  • Great amenities

  •   Perfect sceneries for couples

  • Rental skates

  • Board games

  • Paddleboat rentals

  • Meeting rooms

  • Bike trails

  • Picnic tables

  • Dine-ins, and many more

Bower Ponds gives you a chance to have a perfect family bonding. Whether you are with your kids or solely for the couples, this place is an ideal venture to unwind, especially when you opt to relax and have time with your loved ones.

As one of the best recreation centers in Red Deer, this place gives you a chance to escape from reality. Bower Ponds made you realized that there is a perfect place to stay in. If you don’t have kids, you can use this place to set up a romantic getaway. Who knows? This spot can create your most memorable couple date night ever! 

Another best thing about Bower Ponds is that it is perfect for all seasons. In wintertime, you can visit this place and enjoy its outdoor ice rink. This is an excellent way to expose your kids to ice skating. You can teach them how to ice skate and even play with them all throughout the day. In case you want to visit this place during summertime, worry no more because Bower Ponds has various activities to offer. Depending on your choice, you can go out after renting paddle boats, kayaks, or canoes. If you are in a group, you have a chance to avail its group rate discount. However, this group rate discount is applicable if you have 20 or more members in a group. Since this place is perfect for group activities, it is perfect for several organizations that opt to conduct team-building events, youth organization summit, church activities, and the like.

Bower Ponds offers not just amazing activities but wide selections of amenities as well. Do you love cafes? Then, this place is perfectly fit for you. It has a café that features hamburgers, traditional deep-fried goods, ice creams, hotdogs, and even kombucha. In addition, it also offers a board game café that is perfect for everyone. This board game café allows you to play more than 200 games every Saturday night.

What more can you ask for? Bower Ponds is truly perfect for personal and family events. From birthdays and anniversaries to family reunions and other special occasions, you are certain that you will enjoy and love this place. So, don’t miss this chance to explore Bower Ponds. Visit this place and witness its amazing offers now!




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