Discovery Canyon For Fun & Exciting Aquatic Activities


Whether you are planning for a picnic or hot summer activity, Discovery Canyon must be on your top list. This is a not-to-be-missed aquatic park designed for family adventures, especially during a hot summer season. It is situated along the Red Deer River, approximately 3.5 kilometers north of the 30 roads.

Upon visiting Discovery Canyon, you will see the following features:

  •  natural river-fed aquatic and wading pool

  • washrooms

  •  tube floating

  •  trickling rivulets

  •  concession loaded with an appetizing menu

  • playground area

  • boardwalk and beach

  • picnic tables, and many more

If you want to visit this place for family picnics, you don’t have to worry about its costs. Discovery Canyon allows you to bring your own tubes. If you don’t have one, you can also rent at the nearest shop. This place also allows your kids to trip down the softly slanted canyon through a river-fed pool and bubbling pools of water encircled by a sandy coast.

Discovery Canyon in Red Deer is an ideal summer and weekend place to visit. It is nothing more refreshing than any water adventure activities. Since this place is perfect for all ages, you can bring anyone you like, especially your kids. What really makes this place different is its educational activities for kids. Discovery Canyon has an informative sign about the natural water cycle everywhere in the park, starting from a glacier to the Red Deer River.

For those who want to save money while enjoying their weekend, this place will surely amaze you. Its admission is free of charge, and you can bring any stuff you want that can be utilized during the activity. In case you opt to bring your own float tubes, you need to ensure that they should now be smaller than thirty inches and bigger than fifty inches. It is also needed to closely monitor your children while enjoying the different aquatic activities since there is no lifeguard available in the area. You and your kids also need to use life-saving jackets for safety purposes.

Since visiting this place doesn’t cost you much, you are certain that you will enjoy its great ambiance. Lucky you are since you are residing in Red Deer, Alberta. Take note that planning for a summer getaway doesn’t need to be expensive. You also don’t need to go to a faraway place. Red Deer has so many fun and exciting places to offer. All you have to do is to explore and see what fits your family events and gathering. Some visitors prefer this place as a way to relieve their stress. This is very common, especially when you have a long and tiring week. This is also a perfect avenue to treat your family to an exciting but educational spot. Others also visit this place to witness the natural ambiance while having a good time with their family through aquatic activities.

What are you waiting for? Prepare all your stuff and visit Discovery Canyon now! This place will totally bring enjoyment not only for you but for the whole family as well.


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