Bond With Your Dogs Three Mile Bend


A 55-hectare off-leash area that runs across the Red Deer River is famously known as Three Mile Bend. It is situated in Northeast Red Deer and is the perfect spot to bond with your pets, especially dogs. Three Mile Bend is accessible from various places via a one-kilometer paved road.  It is also filled with a wide parking space for your vehicles.

When you visit Three Mile Bend, you have a chance to experience various outdoor activities like:

  •  hiking

  •  picnic

  •  kayaking

  •  canoeing

  •  freestyle ski jump

  •  remote control car tracking

  •  trail walking

  •  bird watching, and a lot more

Three Mile Bend is ideal for those people to unwind through outdoor activities. Its park trails and setting create a dint that you are in another community even if the city is just a few kilometers away. Another best thing about this place is its perfect sanctuary. This allows you to enjoy exciting outdoor activities without worrying about anything. If you are fond of birds and other related species, this place is an ideal one for you. Three Mile Bend offers different bird and waterfowl species in the park. Your kids will also love watching deer and other wildlife while roaming around the park. 

For dog lovers and owners, Three Mile Bend offers a wide off-leash dog park. Dogs are permitted off-leash to run, walk, swim, and train in the ponds or river. In fact, there is an open area where dogs are allowed to train. The forested and trail areas are also great to take your dog on an extreme outdoor activity. However, since there are many dogs roaming around, you as the owner need to train your pets to be well-behaved. You need to follow the rules set by the management.

Before visiting the place, it is a must that your pets are already vaccinated for the safety of all visitors. For everyone’s safety, your dogs must:

  • Interact well with the dog owners and other dogs

  • Never chase wildlife

  • Respond immediately when called

  • Updated licenses and dog vaccinations

As a dog owner, you also need to ensure that your dogs are well-groomed. It is also a must to keep your dog within sight and knows verbal control. As advised, always remove dogs from the park, especially when there is a sign of aggression. All of these rules are intended to keep you, your pets, guests, and others safe.

Visiting Three Mile Bend in Red Deer can be your best option, especially you want to hang out with your best buddies. Since you are allowed to visit this place together with your dogs, you can have a perfect family bonding. Your kids will definitely love playing with your dogs while doing exciting outdoor activities. Above all, this place is awesome for team-building activities. So, you can set up an activity with your colleagues.

Want to try some exciting outdoor activities? Then, Three Mile Bend is the first place on your list. Witness how this amazing place improves your weekend getaway. It is a highly recommended place if you opt to roam around in Red Deer.



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