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Graduation is such a special time in ones life.  The 1st  accomplishment for many.  A minimum of 12 years of perseverance, determination and hopefully some fun in the mix.  

For some of the Grads in Red Deer, I have had the pleasure of meeting them, being in their classrooms (or on zoom), doing a presentation on credit.  The do's and the don't of applying for credit, of maintaining credit and how to keep a good credit score. 

Each presentation I give them 3 take a-ways, take a-ways to go home with, to tell their parents about what they should be doing to help their credit (or to simply increase their credit score).

I enjoy talking with the students, I share real stories of situations I have come across, real credit problems that could have been stopped if they would have know the outcomes.  I also tell them about success's like the youngest client I had... he was 19 purchased a home without out a cosigner (he came to me a year before and asked how he could buy his own home, I gave him the information (he did it), 5 years later he's still in the same place and hasn't missed a beat. There are so many cool story's I share.

Doing this is part of my community involvement, to share my knowledge about banking, credit and what you will need to purchase a home (someday), I know they are a ways off however one little nugget might stick.  They may remember this lady coming to their classrooms, brief case in tow (fighting with their smart boards),  telling many story's of what may happen in the future and what to be aware of. 

So today, I send out to each and every graduate my congratulations, congratulations for staying the course for putting your nose to the grindstone and getting that final piece of paper of a job well done... for 12 years :) 

I will leave you with one last story , it's from 1997, however it's still relevant today. Listen to the words... Really Listen, the last little nugget I will share with you, well until you need a mortgage :) 

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Feel Free to share this Blog to all the Grad's you know :)

Do good things and Enjoy Life, 



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